Wednesday, August 02, 2006

A 'Lil Sanchez On The Way

I am not sure if this is "breaking news" or not but it is good news for Duaner Sanchez regardless.
My mother works for a doctor that delivers babies and she called me up the other day...

"One of the Mets players' wives came in the other day, she is pregnant and Dr. Doctor (obviously a false name) is going to deliver the baby."

"No shit, who?

"Sanchez. Dw... Dw... Dwayne Sanchez"

"Um, Duaner Sanchez?"

"Oh yeah, that's it."

Ahh, Bless her soul.

Anyway, as you can see, thankfully Sanchez wasn't hurt any further in his unfortunate accident because he is expecting soon. I am not sure if he has any other kids or if this will be his first but I am sure that all Mets fans wish him a healthy recovery and many blessings for his unborn child.

I told a coworker about this and he suggested that I try to get my hands on the umbilical cord and sell it on eBay. Um, no thanks. Besides the fact that it might be illegal, I doubt the strength of the market for Sanchez's wifes umbilical cord.

Now, if it was Betran's wife...

I plan on getting him a "get well soon" card to give to my mother to pass along to his wife. Hopefully it will be thanked with some autographed stuff or some tickets.


BPalm said...

Well put about the Get Well Card. Let me sign that shit

lola said...

how did you get on

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Anonymous said...

It really is breaking news! You have no idea. Not only is this person not his wife but it's not even his girlfriend! Too funny!

Anonymous said...

Heres some breaking news... he got catch up with 2 girls he was seeing. one showed up while the other one was in his hotel room. The funny part one of them worked at the hotel he was staying at. He got busted with both of them and ended up leaving spring training 2009 ALONE!!! What a loser!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

More breaking news!
He got a former beauty queen pregnant and she took him to court
the dna results came positive and now he might go to jail for back child support he owns
this guy is really a Loser!!

Anonymous said...

Go to youtube you'll se more on this story
this guy is an Idiot

Anonymous said...

Who's the loser now Duaner your not even playing in the Majors!! Why dont you get a real job and start paying for all those kids you got out there!!

P.S. A jourlist got in touch with that girl at the hotel in Arizona and you got her pregnant you idiot!!

Anonymous said...

This is for the Arizona lady we can help you sue him in mexico or dominican republic just let us know how we can contact you and if you are interesting in doing any interview we can help we that too that looser is going down it's just a matter of time

Anonymous said...

Now that your broke and have all these kids running around how does your life feel now loser. Guess its back to being an assistant cabinet maker huh. I hope Rachael was smart enough to bail on you, but I dont think so. Natalia doesnt have any common sence either as she keeps popping your kids out as well. What really ruined your career was your penis not you car accident because if you weren't out with a flavor of the week that night you wouldn't have been in the cab period(Fact). You've let your family down, your wives down and the city of NY down as well as team mates and friends. What a waste of talent and life

Anonymous said...

is there any way we can get in touch with you

Anonymous said...

Its amazing that anyone has hired you. Sports casting for a latin station...wonder how long it will take before you get someone pregnant there? You have your drivers license suspended for not paying child support(which I hope someone catches you driving) You've had more cars and jewelry repo'd cause you don't pay your bills, but I remember what you said. Its the American way, right? Natalia, Rachael(NY,LI), Check in girl at the Arizona hotel(behind Titled Kilt), Beauty queen(Miami), Girl down the road from your parents(DR), and the others..yes there are more. As a human you should be ashamed. You lied to your fans about why you were in the Cab the night you were injured and you became lazy when you were given a second chance. Couldn't stick around with your team during practices, but plenty of time to play golf and go to the strip clubs. Your day couldn't come soon enough. Quit being a burden to America and go home and sand cabinets